Remote Resonance Treatment

albert_einsteinBack in the 1930’s, Albert Einstein found out, that any 1 part of an atom, would instantly know the wearabouts of the other part, independantly of the distance between them. He called it – The Spooky effect at a distance !
And this pheanomenon is excactly what we are using as the transmission line in Remote Resonance Treatment. Because when I put one of your nail clippings in my machine, the nail clipping turns in to a transmitter, which transmits any signal I choose, straight to it’s owner – you. And it’s completely independant of the distance between you and your nail clippings.

Now we have established a perfect transmission line, we’re only short of a good signal to transmit.

You have probably heard of the opera singer, that smashes a glass, by hitting the right high note – it’s own resonance note (or frequency). It’s just it ! Now everything has it’s own resonance frequency, be it living or non living things. A frequency, where it vibrate more and more, until it breaks. Now we only need the right frequency, for the little pathogenic critters (bacteria, viruses etc.), that cause the diseases and thereby stealing your quality of life via the symptoms, to vibrate right into their own death !
I have calculated some extremly precise and thereby extremly efficient frequencies, using Nature’s own Building concept – The Golden Ratio.

So – now we have established a perfect transmission line and it is armed with some extremely efficient Golden Ratio frequencies, we can send as a signal. Let the battle begin !

Or we could say – let the remote resonance treatment start !