Frequently asked questions

I want to try a remote resonance treatment, what should I do ?

Clip a little sample of your hair. Put this DNA sample in a small plastic bag and make sure, that the bag are sealed properly. Write your sir name on a little Peace of masking tape and attach it to the little plastic bag (or use a Dymo Tag machine). This procedure is extremely important, especially if you send more DNA samples (Ie. spouse, sieblings, whole family, pets and/or other animals  etc.)
Write a little note/letter to go along with the DNA samples. Put it all in an envelope/small box and send it to me:

René Loweneck
Solitudevej 1
9352 Dybvad

But first of all, write a mail to me about the wanted treatment and disease etc. Then it all goes pretty much automaticly from there.

What is a remote resonance treatment really like ?

When I start the machine and thereby starts the remote resonance treatment, you should just act and do whatever you are supposed to do. Go to work, take on vacation etc. the only things expected from you during remote treatment is, that you drink a bit more water and that you listen a bit more to your body.
It’s somewhat different, how you feel during the treatment. Most people wont feel anything the first day. Then suddenly they find out, that they are missing one or more of their “normal” symptoms. And they also find out, that they can do things, they have’nt been able to, for a long time. Of course that also means, that they have regained quite a bit of their quality of life.
A few people can have a bumpy ride, for the first 2 or 3 days. A really bumpy ride indeed, where they get worse and have pain all over. Then suddenly they arrive at the other end of their bumpy ride. And this small group of people allmost allways feel, that they have regained all of their lost quality of life !

Is this for all people ?

I would say, that it is for 95% of all people. But there is a really small group of people left, where this remote method simply wont work.

Do I have to believe in this, to have it working ?

No. It would’nt be possible to treat plants and animals, if that was the case. And I have successfully treated plants and animals. But the human mind is quite powerfull, however. The human mind is like a sword with 2 sharp edges – the placebo and the noncebo effects. It has been proven time and again, by numerous blind tests and double blind tests in the Scientific World.
If you are convinced, that this and that will work – it will. If on the other hand you decide, that this and that wont work – it wont.
If you are neutral, the remote resonance treatment will work (95% of cases se above). No doubt about that. If that was’nt the case, plants and animals could’nt be treated with success !

Can animals be treated this way ?

Yes, all animals and plants can be treated this way.

Are there any adverse effects to Remote Resonance Treatment ?

Yes and no. Please let me explain this cryptic answer. If you are really hard hit with a disease, you could experience a bumpy ride, at the start of the treatment. Now, this is called Herx and because it is experienced differently from person to person, you could argue, that this is an adverse effect.
I see the Herx as two things. Firstly, the treatment is working , as in the treatment is doing what it’s supposed to do – kill the little critters, who’s doing harm to you. Secondly, you need to drink more Water, to help your body flush out the little dead critters.
But there’s the reason for my cryptic answer.

Are there other ways to use this treatment ?

Yes, the frequencies can be used preventively as well. Kind of like a vaccination thing.

Please, let me give you an example:
If I was to attend the Olympic Games in Brazil and did’nt want the Zika virus brought with me home, I would just run my Zika frequency, until I got home again.
Or if I did’nt want to be stung by mosquitoes in the first place, I would just run another frequency etc. etc.

How can I be sure, that these High precision DNA frequencies are working ?

You can take my word for it, as I have tested them myself (read My Spooky2 story ) and they have been tested by people around the World (litterally).


You could try this High precision DNA frequency on your own machine:

Staphylococcus aureus :           296559.55 Hz

Use these settings :     5v – mode: directly – 100% positive offset – Square waves
Use the white remote

Then, you can judge for yourself, whether the frequencies are working or not 😉