My Spooky2 story

My experience with electro medicine (zapping with frequencies), started in 2012, when I got sick on the second day of a holiday. It was some sort of gastroenteritis -ish thing. I went into a isolation unit, at the hospital, when I got home. After that, a week in a single room. They never found out, what went wrong.

Anyway, I was pissed – it had cost me a supernice vacation (and 6 weeks away from work) and I was determined, that this should never ever happen again !

So I started reseaching, what was on the alternative market, because I am pretty much against ordinary medicin and I then stumbled across Bob Beck. Now, that could easily be the thing (or the track), I was looking for. Then I read about Hulda Clark – and Bingo – that was it 🙂

So I bought my first frequency machine, a nice Hulda Clark Zapper Digital Ultra 🙂
It has 10 programmable frequencies, runs 100% positive offset, use square waves and is portable. So that was my start in frequency treatment 😉 And I got fairly good results, right from the start. It even saved one of our holidays, when my wife got some trouble with her stomach. She had it running the first night (4 electrodes – hands and feets) and gone was her stomach trouble, the next day 🙂

Already back then, I started my interest in finding the right frequencies for the little critters and make my own frequency sets for diseases. Because I’ve read the books of Hulda Clark and she had found some frequencies, that have worked for her. And I have always been convinced, that the little critters are the ones, giving us the symptoms, that we in the west call different disease names. So while I was researching for more frequencies, I stumbled across the Spooky2 machine. I was sold ! Especially the remote stuff apealed to me, as my Hulda Clark Zapper would require 2 or 4 electrodes, when under treatment. It took so much time, where you could do nothing else. And at night, when sleeping with the electrodes on, it could so easily be a mess 🙁

But living in a rich country, don’t make you rich – not me anyway 😉 The cost of the machine, shipping and potentially tax, was quite a lot of money for me, so I had to save up, for a couple of months, to be able to buy this new machine. But being me, I just had to have some kind of proof, that this remote thing, would actually work.

And now I think, that a little background about me and my mindset, would be appropriate 😉 I have a strictly logic and scientific mindset and approach to things. I’m an ateist, meaning, that I don’t believe in any god, angels or any of that sort and don’t believe in remote treatment from person to person. I have no patience, but still I’m quite openminded and curious, if it makes any kind of logic to me.

Suddenly, I found a way to proof to my self, that the remote thing was working. I found a DIY version of the remote on the net. It was easy and did’nt cost anything to make, so I made one for my machine. Luckily I was home alone with my dog at that time, so I did’nt have to explain anything to anyone, about what I was doing and my dog did’nt seem to care 😉 What I was about to try, was just way out there 😉 Anyway, I tried and it worked beautifully 🙂 So I saved up and bought the Spooky2 machine 🙂

When I finally got the machine home, I began imidiately to put it to good use, using only the database frequencies. And I had fairly good results too 😉 But I also tried some of Hulda Clarks single frequencies, that were meant for single critters. I just loved that idea, of hitting single critters, because it were much more precise. I simply saw it, as the best way forward. So I started already at this point, to research which critters were involved in which diseases. I even started to make my own frequency sets 😉

And as I got better results with “my own sets” (Hulda Clark single frequencies in a set), I knew this was the way to go. So I did some serious thinking of, how I could get some real sharp frequencies for each critter. It should be something, that could be used every time and all the time. So it could’nt be the physical size, as it changes from egg to larvae etc. But what could it be then ? I knew the answer were out there, somewhere. Then I saw a documentary in the TV, about some ancient egyptian tombs. As the legend goes, the tomb put some courses onto any illigal intruder. And quite a few explorers had mysteriously died from this. So the documentary investigated the real reason for theese explorers death. And they looked for answers in the dust and found several bacteria and viruses in the dust. They found out, via DNA sequencing, that theese bacteria and viruses, were the real culprit.

Then it struck me – DNA – YESSSSSSS ! 🙂 Now here was a thing, that kept being the same, no matter which size and stage, the little critters were at, at the moment 🙂 I was convinced, that I’ve found exactly what I was looking for 🙂

So I started reseaching all about the DNA. One of the first things I found, was the Watson-Crick model of DNA base pairs. And as I had played around with some radio communication in the past, I knew, it was fairly easy to convert wavelenghts to frequencies. And I also had the advantage, that I could search in several different languages 😉

So I just needed to find the lenght of the DNA thing, to convert it into a frequency. The answer was in the Watson-Crick model of DNA base pairs itself. Being an Excell-Access freak, I quickly made some formulars into an Excell spreadsheet. That was kind of a natural thing for me to do 😉 In my reseach, I did stumble across a fellow called Ott, that obviously were at the same track. But he took quite a few shortcuts and that was not, what I wanted to do. I wanted precision – extreme precision. No shortcuts what so ever !

Then I needed to find out, where I could get the little critters DNA size. When I found that out, I quickly wrote the first 10-20 little critters into my spreadsheet 😉

However, I can’t remember, which frequency I tested first, but it was most probably something flu related. Now I knew every frequency of any living things. Imidiately I felt the urge, to know the frequencies of non living things as well. Not that I needed it at the moment, but just because I knew, it was possible 😉 I fairly quickly worked out, how to get the frequencies of non living things, based on their molecular weight. I now had 2 sheeets in my spreadsheet, one called “Living Things” and another called “Non Living Things”. I quickly added 2 more sheets, for reengineering of my 2 first sheets.

A couple af days after I had added those extra sheets and everything was in working order and my spreadsheet was capable of delivering high precision frequencies for both Living Things and Non Living Things, another user at the Spooky2 Forum, chose to share his spreadsheet with DNA frequency calculations. I was flabbergasted – what a coincedence !

Anyway, I downloaded his spreadsheet to see, if we got the same results (we ought to) and to see how he solved the problem. Boy, was I surprised. Not only was he taking only 1 frequency at a time, but we did not get the same results neither, due to shortcuts, he had taken and there were no calulation of frequencies of Non Living Things. All in short – considering that we had aimed at the same target, our spreadsheet solutions were as different as day and night ! He had shared his spreadsheet – should I do the same and share my spreadsheet ? In that case, people would at least have 2 different spreadsheets to choose from.

I had many thoughts about sharing it. It was never meant for sharing, that was quite simply never in my mind. Not that I did’nt want to share, more that it was just made to be a tool for my self. A super fast and efficient tool, that was expandable (I now have more than 5000 Living things and more than 1000 Non Living things).  There were no userfriendliness buildt into it whatsoever, as it were always only meant to be my own special tool.

You see, I’m a prepper type and that’s partly the reason, that I’m so hysterical about precision. My frequencies are meant for situations, where there are no conventional medicine at hand. In a TSHTF world where, if you got sick, my frequencies would be the only treatment possible. That’s my background and that’s my goal (and I’m pretty much there by now) ! With that kind of precision btw., I can do wonderful things and some quite extraordinary things as well, but that kind of precision is also a 2 sided sword 😉

Anyway, I ended up, deciding to share my spreadsheet as well. People at the Spooky2 Forum, would then have a choice or use both of the spreadsheets 🙂 My spreadsheet was the first one (and from all I know, the only one), capable of delivering high precision frequencies, for both Living Things and Non Living Things. So I shared it in good faith, hoping it could really help people around the world ! It was downloaded by many people at the Spooky2 Forum and now they were able to do excatly the same as me. I was thrilled:-) My “Non Living Things”, as well as of my “Living things” calculations have even ended up in the Spooky2 program itself nowadays, of course with different names “molecular weight frequencies” and “Base Pair frequencies” and of course no mention of me. The program does’nt give the same results, as my spreadsheet though. So there’s probably incorporated some shortcuts here and there. But what do I know – I’m just trash 😉

But still there were quite a few requests for frequencies for both Living as well as Non Living things. So not everybody had downloaded my spreadsheet (or at least understood how to use it) and I were just happy to share my frequencies with anyone in need. Funny thing though, at this point, there had to be at least a handfull (or two) of people, who had downloaded my spreadsheet and knew how to use it, hence they could as easily as me, have shared those frequencies. But that did never happen. I was still the only one, sharing high precision frequencies for both Living and Non Living things. Quite odd, don’t you think ?

Then there were more and more questions about, where I got my frequencies. And I answered the only way I could, that I had calculated them in my own spreadsheet. But it were tiresome, to keep answering the same things over and over again, so I did’nt answer every frequency request any more. And there were, as mentioned before, quite a few other people, that could answer those frequency requests as easily as me, because I had shared my spreadsheet. I have to say, that at this point, I started to deeply regret, ever sharing my spreadsheet in the first place 🙁

All of a sudden, the winds in the Spooky family changed quite dramaticly. What used to be such a nice place to discuss problems or ideas with people, who had the same interest and/or helping each other out, changed over night 180 degrees. I was kind of black listed, because I had shared my frequencies and my spreadsheet, hence most, if not all of my posts, were removed 🙁 I have to say – I did’nt see that coming.

Anyway, I stopped posting on the Spooky2 Forum and that left me more time to research. And I stopped sharing too, as it turned out to be, nothing but a one way street for me. And that’s not the way, it should be. On top of it all, being redeculed and treated like trash – nope, it was time to move on. And getting more time to my research, was kind of nice, as I had 2 main problems, that I needed a solution for. The one problem was, that no matter what I tried, I could’nt treat my wife, with remote frequencies. The other problem was, that I could’nt hit a flu like disease. It took me almost a year, to figure that disease out and about the same amount of time, to figure my wife problem out. It was, when I made my first Gold Ratio frequencies and my Gold Ratio preset. This was a major major breakethrough 🙂 Not only could I now treat my wife remotely, the effectiveness of my frequency treatment went a couple of levels upward and at the same time, the herx’es from treatment, went down a couple of levels. All at the same time 🙂

Then I started to make ultra efficient frequency sets for different diseases. I now have about 100 of these sets 🙂 And I’m still researching for even more effective frequencies and presets, even though that my Gold Ratio is a extremely tough one, to beat 😉 And given my frequencies precision and efficiency allways were second to none, I’m sort of competing with my self 😉
So it’s kind of baby steps from here 😉  I have more promising solutions at hand though, one of them being the total elemination of herx 😉

In December 2015, I had a begining Diabetes 2, with blood sugar measurement about 14-16. I now have blood sugar measurements about 6-8 and that’s the normal range. I’m supposed to take 5-7 pills daily for the rest of my life (heart); guess what – I’m doing fine without 😉

Did I have good results ? Yes, I think so 🙂

Kind Regards
René Løweneck

If it’s no fun doing, don’t do it 😉