Hi, I’m a 61 years old man and I’ve had balance/Vertigo problems since 2010, when I’ve got a blood clot.

It has been a long tough struggle, with a lot of doctors, specialists – neurologists included, all to no avail what so ever.

A fortnight ago, I saw this ad by House of Løweneck (Remote Resonance Treatment) and I decided to give it a go.
I contacted René Løweneck,- I should send him a nailclipping, which were nessesary for the treatment to start. And now, a week later, my Vertigo is gone and my balance has become so stable, that I yet again could play around with my grandkids.
This is the best thing, that has happened to me – ever !

My Family and my friends all tells me, that the old me has returned. I have to say, that compared to what I’ve regained in quality of life, the 1 week treatment price of €210, is ridiculously low. It is really worth gold!
So to all of you out there – don’t loose hope of recovery, before you’ve tried this Remote Resonance Treatment.

Take a look at House of Løweneck or contact René Løweneck at +4527302730 for more info. It pays up !

Kind Regards  Jørn Østergaard Nielsen, Aars, Denmark

Trigeminal Neuralgia:

Nail+Resonance Remote Treatment= The road to a better life via your nails.

I’m a woman at 51 yars of age, with a confirmed  Trigeminal Neuralgia in all 3 branches. The first time I got acquainted with this dreadful disease, was way back in 1994. There was’nt much help to get, in our National Health Care System. The pains went on for about 2 years and then the pains sort of withdrew, along with the National Health Care System. Everything was just about calm now and I could start living my life Again, however the pain was still in the background, but did’nt set in with those dreadful pain attacks.

In August 2015, the Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) fired up Again, with some minor attacks and then came Christmas about. This time the pain came about at full power. 4 months of pure hell of pain, with between 5 and 18 dreadful pain attacks a day. This month of April, it was’nt below 12 dreadful pain attacks a day.

I could’nt handle temperature fluctuations–steam from the cooking –woodstow –heat and cold exposure – but worst of all, was probably the windshield in the car.  The pains was so intense and made it almost impossible at times, to drive my car. And I had to drive my car, to get to and from my workplace. From time to time, I had to stop at the roadside, crying in pain, waiting for the pain to ease up a little, so I could safely drive on. Furthermore lifting could trigger a pain attack or when I turn around in my bed at night – something we all do quite natrally, several times a night. Then I would suddenly wake up in awful pain, sitting up for half an hour, waiting for the pain to withdraw somewhat, before another attack would come.

April 2016 was when I randomly heard about the treatments of René Løweneck and submitted a nail clipping to him. I’m certainly not active inside the alternative World, I like to think of my self as a natural sceptic, but I did it because I hoped for an improved quality of life. That I could certainly need. If I could only get a little better, that would be a Victory. And the price of the treatment, were fairly low.

He told me, that if I was hard hit by the disease, I could experience something he called herx. It would be caused by  him, killing so many of the little critters. I could then experience some randomly pains, in the first couple of days. I had to promise him, to drink some extra water during the remote treatment, though.

The first night was intolerable – there were huge pains all night through,- not as pain attacks, but more like the roots of my teeth, were expanding and threathening to be ejected right out of their sockets.  I woke up to a better World, though. One without pain attacks. On day 3, I got a swelling on the right side of my face, which withdrew within 24 hours. This were 9 weeks ago.

I have’nt got one single pain attack. I can Cook, I can drive my car, without crying from pain. All that is left, is a little background pain i the roots of my teeth and a little pressure feeling behind my ear. But it has made a world of difference to me,- once again, I can  participate in the many aspects of life and rejoice, that I’ve reqained my quality of life. I JUST LOVE IT.


Good luck on your journey into the, at times, incomprehensible world of Remote Resonance Treatment.

Kind Regards

Helle Svendsen, Skagen, Denmark

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