My major breakthrough

In my research, I’ve had a couple of breakethroughs. But I had one major breakthrough, that will tell you about here. At the time, I was mailing back and forth with some fellow researchers and this is a snippet from one of my mails, regarding my major breakthrough.

It lets you feel some of the frustration, excitement and thinking, behind my research 😉

Yeah, It’s related to the Golden Ratio, Viktor Schauberger  – and my wife 😉


All the time, I’ve had this frustrating thing, that I could not help my wife (cold, flu, cough, headache etc.), no matter if the remote was black, white, homemade or what not. At the same time, I could feel, how it helped me and some of my friends. When I then began calculating my own DNA frequencies and using them almost sololy, it was a huge step forward. Again for me, my friends and my dog only. My wife – still nothing. And I had treated her successfully once, a couple of years ago, with my first Frequency machine – The Hulda Clark Zapper Digital Ultra. It was for some stomach thing and it was contact mode a hole night.


At some point, I began to experiment with low volts on my new Spooky2 machine. And I found out, that 5 volt was as good, if not better, than 20 volts. Then you came along and mentioned the microvolt thing. Come to think about it, I had read something about it, but not payed enough attention. I then experimented in the microvolt area. Still nothing for my wife. Then there was this Gold Ratio thing. Simply put, I did’nt really know, what to do with it.

How should I implement it ? Then I revisited Viktor Schauberger – Die Natur kapieren und die natur kopieren. Then it struck me, nothing in nature do have straight lines. Everything is curled and rounded somehow. Then I saw on the settings, it was straight numbers – all of them. Ahaaaa, I could put some Golden Ratio in the settings – it would be a start, right ? 😉

So I put a bunch of Golden Ratio numbers in the settings randomly. One of the numbers, was a mistake, though. Not that it was’nt a Golden Ratio number, but in was in the wrong place. But I did’nt saw it a the time and I did’nt stop there. Now, there are some things, that no one ever changes. That is the constants in the established science. Iex.. the speed of light, once calculated by good old Albert E 😉

Who the fuck was he anyway, to decide what I would have in my spreadsheet. So I changed the speed of light as well, by putting in some Golden Ratio calculations 😉 So now, the speed of light is slightly higher 😉

Should it be Golden Ratio or should it be Golden Ratio ;-)))


Then I more or less rewrote my current version of my spreadsheet, to let the new things happen. For safety reasons, I made it so, that I could imidiately switch back to the old calculations 😉 So now came the time, that I would try it on, sort of speak. And this is where, “normal” people instantly would say “Ok, now you did it ! You’re an complete idiot ! This will never work!” And perhaps they would be right – but who were they to decide, what and what not should work 😉 So I tried it on my self. I did’nt know what to expect, but I was as sure as hell not prepared, for what happened next. I had a aggressively growing tooth boil at the time. Normally, I would have gone to the doctor, because the boil was really aggressive. I’ve had a couple of tooth boils before and knew, if the boil was big and aggressive, I could’nt handle it with Spooky alone.


So I converted my “Tooth and mouth” set to the new Golden Ratio frequencies and used the new Golden Ratio settings. And BUFF – it was dead on ! I could feel it. There was no herx or anything, it just felt so good J And it took the top of the pain instantly ! My “Tooth and mouth” set is pretty big (many freq’s), because our mouth is home to a lot of species. 460 plus subspecies etc. to be precise, but my set does’nt consist of that many frequencies, though. But I kept a very close eye on the advancement of the programme, to see, which little critter was the most active one. It turned out to be a little guy called Borrelia vincentii (Formerly: Treponema vincentii). He was really having a ball, but the party is over now. Unfortunately Mr. Vincentii seemed to have died somehow 😉


Now I knew, that inspite of all odds, it was working. So it was time to try it, on someone else. Then I treated a man, directly placed on the opposite site of the world, with my stomach set and 0,31 volts ! I lowered that to 0,26 volts. He had some serous infections of the stomach/intestines. But I got good and quick results – the set ran for a couple of days, but already after the first night, he was able to eat and keep it down. Which he was’nt able to, for a period before.

Now my wife was developing a cold soar. Ahhh nice, let me treat that one (or try to, anyway ;-)) I really did’nt expected anything to happen (given the history), but boy, was I wrong. It stopped the cold soar in it’s tracks. I certainly did’nt see that coming 😉


So my wife is in fact the main reason for me, to call it a major breakthrough 😉